Latin and european guys uncircumcised?

Why do American girls love latin and european guys, despite them beeing uncircumcised? You always hear how uncircumcised is gross ugly, but at the same time you hear them talk latins and europeans are so hot etc., want to date one. They are pretty succesfull. Seems like a contradiction. Can someone explain?


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  • Circumcised is gross and unnatural in my opinion. But what do I know, Im european.


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  • I am from Europe and I find it strange too. Especially here the first thing a girl asks a guy to put his penis on the table so she can examine it and then... oh wait minute... they never do that.

    All kidding aside. It has never been an issue. I dated north American girls that were surprised to learn I was uncircumcised. You know what? It never was an issue. And I know you didn't ask but do you know how I feel about being uncircumcised? I feel pretty intact. No joke.

    • Mario Lopez wife admitted to him she thinks his uncut penis looks weird after they fought over the circumcision of their son. He always thought she was fine with his penis.

    • First of all, thank God I never met her.
      Second of all. This is one case, and I am sure that there are many more but that does not mean that every woman thinks like this. I'll bet the majority doesn't think like this at all.

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  • Uncircumcised is the best. Circumcision makes absolutely no sense your handicapping your junk!

  • Maybe they assume that an uncircumcised guy would eventually have it done if the relationship became serious?

  • they love them for their face and skin complexion. not cuz of their penises