Found hair tie in boyfriends car?

Ok... so I know I sound super insecure but I definitely need a second opinion. So recently I was in my boyfriends car with him, we were waiting on someone for a while.. he looked up and saw a hair tie and playfully asked me if the hair tie that was on the mirror was mine... it wasn't... he had never seen it before and I hadn't either. I asked him where it came from and he said it must have been there since he got the car... we've had the car about 7 months... in his defence we did find hairclips in the car when we got it and more when we cleaned it out... and we didi get paper work with the previous owners info and she is a female... however.. I just can't put it out of my mind.. we have had many fights I've this and our entire relationship is suffering because I no longer trust him... he has said that he definitely wouldn't have let me see it if that was the case.. also we live together and out side of work do everything together... and why would a girl put her hair tie aroundown the mirror unless she owner the car? But I just can't shake it... I haven't seen any girls call or message him, he hasn't gone anywhere without me other than work... but how did we not see the hair tie before then?
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Well the heat thing makes sence... I went back w the hair tie and figured out that the hair tie gets stuck w static so that is a possibility... definitely not his sisters since she lives in a different state... I went as far as looking up the old owner of the car.. she's a young blonde... hair tie and hair clips we initially found were for blondes.. so that matches... Im a brunette... he swears no females have even been in the car since we got it..
Found hair tie in boyfriends car?
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