What did my crush mean by calling me weird? Does he not like me and should I move on?

So I'm really shy around my new crush for some reason cause I'm usually never shy around crushes. We've only talked to each other for a short amount of time 3 times. The third time was recently at the freshman orientation thing we had to go to before school started. Side note: I'm friends with a lot of guys so we have mutual friends. Any ways, I was waiting with my close guy friend in line to get some food, when my other friend was with him and they went in line behind us. I was avoiding looking at him directly as I was talking to all of us but I could tell he noticed cause he kept looking at me. When we were at the front of the line, this lady had taken our orders before us but instead of my friend taking his order, my crush takes his. We were standing together in line and I grab the mayo to put on my burger, he suddenly says gross and asked if I liked mayo. I shrugged and said yeah awkwardly and avoided to look at him since I was blushing. I put a little mayo on because of his comment and I put a little ketchup on to and he goes, "That's it? You're weird" I blushed harder and said shut up. When I finished, he didn't look at me as he walked to the tables in the commons as I waited for my friend I was in line with. Did he call me weird playfully as to tease? I don't really know if he likes me since we don't really know each other and I'm too shy to go talk to him since we're not in any classes together. What should I do? Please be detailed and serious!


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  • I think that it was just a playful comment - Not actually calling you weird.
    I dont think it was a serious comment because if so I dont really think he would of talked to you.
    Hope I helped! :)

  • He initiated the conversation and playfully called you weird for teasing/friendly purposes.


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