Guys says he "owes me a drink"?

If a guy says "I owe you a drink" is it supposed to be taken as literal? Like he actually wants to buy me a drink? Or could it be intended as a form of expression like when someone says "I owe you one"? Does it mean the guy is asking you out? Guys, what would you mean by this statement?


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  • Depends on how it happened. A girl bought me a shot, next time I seen her I said how am I going to repay you? How about we go to a bar near your place and I'll buy you a drink.

    I'm guessing your situation is different thoughl

    • Interesting, my situation was he was working as a cashier in the clothes shop I went to yesterday. I wanted to return an item I bought and get a refund but didn't have the receipt with me. He said unfortunately it couldn't be returned without the receipt but said he "should owe me a drink."

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    • Oh dear. I thought it was just an expression/joke so I didn't give an answer. I did like him though. Shows that women don't always say yes even if they're interested...

    • Ahhh it's alright. I'm literally the worst person in the world when it comes to recognizing a woman hitting on me lol.

      One time before work I stopped downtown to have lunch, I always have dress clothes on but this time I wore my new suit and cologne. Well I sat down to eat and an attractive blonde woman puts her hand on my shoulder and says "excuse me, sorry to interrupt, but I have to say your cologne smells amazing. What is it?" So I thank her and tell her what it is and where I got it lol. I got to work and told my buddy and he just shook his head and says "Tom..." (my name) under his breath lol

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  • I would think its more a form of expression

    • See that's what I thought when he said it so I kind of ignored it. I guess we'll never know for sure!

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  • I think he means that he wants to sleep with you.

  • It means you're gonna get roofied.


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