Kinda Sad:( Did his Tinder profile just not delete or did he reactivate his account?

I've been talking to a guy for 3 1/2 months now. He's a very busy guy, and very introverted, and so it has gone really slowly. Come October he will be traveling all month; he's a starving artist.. Literally broke, and working all the time to pay for his trade. We originally met on tinder in June, but then his phone died and he said he deleted the app.. I had found him on fb since I already knew about him through mutual friends. He has not gotten a new phone because he is that broke. I've seen him comment to others on fb about it too, so I know it's the truth.

Yesterday, I was on a fake tinder account (I deleted tinder months ago) for my friend to see if her boyfriend was on it... And I was completely shocked when I came across this guy I've been talking to. His profile is the EXACT same as when we met in June. Older pics ordered the same order, the few words he has are the exact same. I swiped right, and haven't matched with him yet with this fake girl... But I was just kinda sad.

I know since we are not actually together that I can't be angered or call him out on this, it's not that... It's just that if he was truly into me and wanting to be with me, he wouldn't be searching for others using tinder... We've had plans and have been progressing lately. So it makes me sad. Could it be that since he just deleted the app and not the actual account that he still shows up and his profile is still up?


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  • Deleting the app and deleting the account is not the same thing. If he only deleted the app, his profile will still be there, just inactive.


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  • A lot of women are dating multiple guys at the same time and keeping their options open. He's just not placing all of his eggs into one basket which is very wise given the poor standards in general out there.

    • I don't care if "a lot of people are doing it." You're either into me or not. That's how I am and I deserve the same in return.

  • Don't try to find out stuff through sneaky means, never a good idea.

    • Well it's not like I can ask him. That looks terrible

    • Or you could let him his privacy?

    • ? If someone isn't interested I'd rather just know than be strung along

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  • Delete him from your mind here, dear, I feel he Cannot be trusted. He could be a Catfish.
    I see a few Red Flags that do not Add up. If you are so "Broke," which you Say he is, somehow he is Paying for Internet Somehow, Somewhere.
    However, just a few of My Many suspicions. His "Phone" is a Phony as well, I can tell. He has More access than you even Know, this Schmo.
    If he was Into you, he would be Not do Half the things he has Done, hun. I also Believe he is Scamming for Money, honey.
    Good luck. xx

    • lol no he isn't a catfish. We have mutual friends and I know about him. He isn't a vindictive liar either

    • Hmm, okay. Just strange then. xx