He took down his dating profile, could it be because of someone else?

I met this guy through a dating site. We emailed each other for a month and then he asked me on a date. He bought me lots of drinks, agreed to come meet some colleagues I know well, and walked me to my night bus. Next morning I texted him to say thanks and he said he hoped to see me again soon. I said yes. We met at a coffee place a few days later, everything went well but no touching or kiss. I noticed yesterday that he took down his dating profile.. I texted him once yesterday and he replied fairly quickly with a wink at the end.. it's been 2 days since our 2nd date and he hasn't asked me out for a third. He was originally gonna go to his cottage this weekend, but now all of a sudden he doesn't have time because he needs to do Xmas shopping...(to me, of course, it sounds more like it's because he wants to go on other dates).. I'm wondering maybe he took his profile down because of a different girl or is it normal for him to take days to ask me out again? I really wanna see him this weekend...


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  • Why don't you just ask him out yourself?

    • Because I've heard so much crap about not initiating so early in the dating process...I don't wanna seem needy...

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    • No no, I texted him yesterday morning (the morning after our 2nd date) and he replied quickly, even though he was at work - so there are no bad signs really. I'm just a bit paranoid because he removed his online dating profile, yet he hasn't asked me on a third date 2 days later...so that makes me think he's into someone else..

    • Why? If I was you I'd just ask him. That was what made the difference between those two girls I mentioned. If you're right and he is going for someone else, you've got nothing to lose anyway.

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