Best way to steal a kiss??

i want to steal a kiss from this guy that I like but I don't find a way to kiss him. I have never stolen a kiss just kisses that had stolen from me ... what should I do ? I really want to kiss him! give some ideas to steal a kiss from him! please!


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  • Kiss him where? in the lips?

    lol in middle school my crush wanted my last piece of gum but I already have them half way inserted in my I lean up (since he's tall) so he can get the other half and he kissed me while getting can do that..

    OR..just go up to him say hey and kiss him while hugging him..

    • Yeap in the lips.. well I can do that !! even tho he likes gum he could do watever to get a piece if gum hahahah thanks

    • Hehe anytime ^-^

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  • maybe just like ask for his help with something or ask him to help you fix something and then he's done hug him, say thanks and kiss him. It's easy and will make you both feel good.

  • tell him, you have something in ure hair, and as you go near him to take it off, kiss the sh** out of his cheek :D

    if a girl do that to me, she better not do it public, because I don't grantee that there won't be a public nudity case :D


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  • Ok so mine and my boyfriends first kiss was the bomb. com because I got it on video!!! I had Snapchat open and I started recording and was like "hey babe let me get a kiss on the cheek" and he went for it and I turned my head and kissed him smack on the lips! It was cute and we had athe video!!!

  • Just kiss him. That's what I do. Or be like "you have something on your face" then kiss him lol yeah I know that's corny but he'll be happy to get the kiss

    • Thanks for the idea !!

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