PLEASE ANSWER!!. Would it be ok to add my crush on snapchat even though he didn't give me his username?

i really want to add my crush on snapchat as i know his username but he didn't give it to me, would it look creepy?, or if he asked could i say i found him on the new quick add update? Also we do know eachother and he does talk to me but what if he doesn't know its me and doesn't accept.. should i put a picture of me/put my surname in?


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  • Ask him for his snapchat. It would be his first clue that you're interested in him. Don't waste the opportunity to actually make something happen. If he asks why just tell him that you think he's funny and if he isn't funny then just say because you think he's cute. Zero chance of rejection here by the way. He will almost certainly just add you regardless.

  • No it wouldn't be creepy. If you have his number you could say you found it that way


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