Why does ex randomly send me a snapchat?

He dumped me over 3 weeks ago and has been ignoring me since then until recently where he sends me random snapchats. He said he was cutting all ties with me so why contact me randomly?


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  • To see how you will react, maybe he was mad at something you did when he dumped you and he has cooled off now.

    Or if you didn't do anything wrong and he dumped you for no obvious reason perhaps he is just playing games to see if you will still respond.

  • To see if you will respond.

    His thoughts: I've been ignoring her all this time, I'll shoot her a snap and see if she responds and if she does, she's totally misssing me.

    Don't respond. Trust me.


What Girls Said 1

  • What kind of snaps?
    My only thought is that - He is drunk. He's probably rethinking about the break if it's snaps about his life or some rant etc, or that he's too used to talking to you that he started feeling uncomfortable after three weeks and just had to contact you again.

    • It's just random snaps of what he's doing and he sends them during the day so I doubt he's drunk

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    • it's just contradictory when he said he's going to cut all contact but now sends snaps. it's confusing

    • Sometimes people are very confusing dear. Pay no heed to it and don't let him make you think too much.

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