Walking home with my crush?

Okay well I just found out that my crush walks home from school, His house is closer when we walk home and my house is farther so yeah. Anyways I have a huge crush on him.. And almost every week I see him walking home, I also keep my distance to walk behind him because I'm scared to run up to him and start a conversation because that would be weird and I suck at talking to people, We have each other for class and we're group members and we talk a lot in class but we never talk outside of class. I don't know if he likes me though. I'm almost sure he knows I like him. He sometimes catches me looking at him. We basically already talked about each other and everything. Would it be weird if I just ran up to him while he was walking home and made a conversation? I just want him to like me more so what can I do?
Walking home with my crush?
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