My crush doesn't follow me back on instagram? Does he hate me?

is it because I'm Asian and he's Caucasian so he doesn't think I would like him? I requested to friend him on fb and he didn't accept it even though I knew he was online since he went on commenting on post while my request was on. and I texted him and he didn't respond until I asked him to add me back. and I think he thinks I'm annoying. but I only sent 5 messages to him in 7 days. and I stopped because he would find me annoying. Also for insta, I followed him and he didn't follow me back even though I liked all his post and commented on all. and he responded to all the comments except for mine! and he does know me. I see him e everyday at school. I don't think he knows I like him though. but we are both in the same club and we do the same hobbies together. even after school hobbies. when he was in grade 5 and I was in grade 3 we would still do the same hobbies up till now. is it because I'm ugly? when I was little I didn't have a crush on him though. so I was being a brat to everyone. why doesn't he like me? guys, if you were him why would you do this? girls, did something similar happen to you? (BTW I'm in highschool now, he's senior I'm junior) how do I get him to like me?
My crush doesn't follow me back on instagram? Does he hate me?
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