Best way to know you're the side guy? Is delayed texting and erratic texting the biggest indicator? What else?

I've noticed that erratic and delayed texting from a girl can usually be a good indicator, where one day the girl will be texting you for hours on end within 5 minutes or less but other days it will take hours or even days for her to get back. Every time this has happened to me the girl already had a boyfriend.

anybody else have any other good signs?

some I've also noticed
- no mentions on social media, she'll never give out her real instagram or facebook
- you only hang out with her alone away from her friends or family
- you've never met her friends or family and never will
- she makes up stories about doing things with friends that usually don't make any sense
- lots of excuses
- she's never available last minute and has to plan everything way in advance


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  • How long have you been together?


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  • your not important or priority if you a side n**


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