Guys: If you stop texting, does that ALWAYS mean you're no longer interested?

Can you describe your "relationship": friends but you like them, FWB, friends with benefits that you fell for, just friends, girlfriend...etc...?

What caused you to stop texting, and did you still want to but just didn't?

I'm trying to figure if this guy is no longer texting me even though I've heard rumors he still liked me.

So If you stop texting does that ALWAYS mean you are no longer interested?


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  • "What caused you to stop texting, and did you still want to but just didn't?"

    In my personal experience, I've stopped texting because I felt she wasn't as interested in me as I was in her. I wanted to text her every minute of every day, but felt like she didn't care if we talked or not. I just wanted her to text me first for once to show she cared. A bit childish, I know, but I don't enjoy chasing someone who isn't interested.

    If you are texting and he doesn't text back, then he probably has lost interest. No one is busy 24/7 and it only takes a couple minutes to explain you're busy.


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  • "If you stop texting does that always mean you're no longer interested?" - No, not always.

    Sometimes life gets busy, and we put texting as less priority. I wouldn't be interested if I didn't EVER text her again, but if I stopped texting for a few days, then I'm probably just busy or the texting has become too boring/routine/repetitive.

  • It might just mean I hate texting.


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