Why do guys suddenly stop texting sometimes?

Why do guys suddenly stop texting sometimes?...There's this guy I text a lot and sometimes he'll just suddenly stop texting and then text back between 12-2 in the morning...other times he'll say something and I'll text back something like "haha true" and he doesn't reply...When I answer like this he doesn't always reply...Why?


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  • well if your reply is "haha true" that seems like a conversation ender. another thing is, it's possible he fell asleep or is busy doing something (you're under 18 so I don't really know a good excuse) but let me ask you this, typically who sparks the conversations, you or him? and who normally has the last say in the conversation, you or him?

    • Thanks for the answer. He writes music and works and still goes to school so I know he's busy...As far as starting the convo it really depends...sometimes he will sometimes I will...it used to be I would text something like hey =) and he would write back and say hey =) how are you? and we'd kinda carry a long convo...i would have to go a lot of times and wouldn't text back my reply til a coupld days later and then we'd pick up where we left of..sorta like an ongoing super long convo..

    • more recenly (when he has a logical reason to text me) he'll text first to ask how something went or tell me to check out a new song he wrote...I usually end the convo first and he'll say not just goodbye but something else with it...but sometimes he doesn't text back...usually it's when I don't know what to say and say something like "haha true" ...then I'm hesitant to text him cause I don't wanna annoy him and we won't talk again for a while, and I'll text him and he'll text back right away

    • well typically, you should of asked a follow up question, like "haha true, what are...?" to keep the flow of the conversation going

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  • It could be anything:

    -- they're busy

    -- they're nervous

    -- they don't have a logical reason to text you

    -- they don't want to seem clingy or desperate

    -- they're not into you

    -- they're not into girls

    -- they forgot to pay their cell phone bill

    -- they lost your number (and they don't have your number memorized)

    -- their contacts list went blank

    -- their phone malfunctioned


    -- their parents confiscated their phone (since you kids are Under 18)

    • LOL at the last one. xD

    • I heard one of my students say it to his girl, chasing her down the hall, flustered, and explaining that they cut him off because of his last report card...

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