Why is a guy keep texting me everyday for 3 months and ghosted me?

i met a guy on online dating app and we've been texting each other everyday for almost 3 months. He knew that i am really into him and i wasn't sure if he had the same feeling for me because sometimes he being a bit cold to me. But when i told him that, he will always apologize for his actions and be nice to me again. But most of the time, he always be a very nice guy and always make me feel appreciated. One day i asked him if he is still wants to be with me and if not, i'm understand that if the train wasn't stop at my station then it's not my train. Then he said he's my train and want to be with me.

Everything was normal, we texted a lot, have jokes etc. and suddenly he disappeared for two days. When he came back, i asked him, where did he go and he said he was sick and doesn't has internet connection. I knew that he wasn't tell me the truth but i didn't ask more. I just said that i'm sorry that i didn't know he was sick and i'm sorry i cannot be there with him when he wasn't feeling well. We texted a lot that day and i asked him what would he do if he lost my number since WhatsApp is the only way for us to keep connected with each other just to see his effort. But there was not much effort from him, he just said that he will try his best to find me but didn't even say how, i hoped he would ask for my IG or email address but he just didn't. On the next day... he just ghosted me again and didn't even turn on his wifi for days now.
Why do you guys give us hope and then just leaves us?

I really miss to be in a relationship, I really miss to ask about his days, to support him when he sad, to listen to his problems, to be there for him.. to have someone to care about, to feel appreciated, to feel loved. i really miss all those beautiful feelings; to love and be loved. Please pray for me to be given the right man for me who we will never stop loving each other and always try our best for each other.
p/s I'm sorry if there are lots of grammatical error
Why is a guy keep texting me everyday for 3 months and ghosted me?
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