Guys: A guy stops texting - does it only mean that he's not interested?

I've been wondering lately about this question. Imagine you're dating a guy (or just a hook up for that matter). Suddenly, he doesn't text you as much as he used to and/or doesn't take so much initiative.

Does this ALWAYS mean that he's just not interested?

Or, could it be, that a guy have his reasons (like we girls like to think LOL). He might actually be busy, not in a good period of his life or he might be so insecure or shy that he simply doesn't dare?

I would like to have your view on this :)


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  • If someone is genuinely interested, they will get contact you, simple as that.

    Yes, he may be busy, but sending a text doesn't take more than a few seconds out of the day. Most of the time they just aren't interested anymore.

    • Is this really true? That a guy will always pursue the girl he wants? I am not so sure about that. The guy can be really shy and doesn't dare. Not every guy manage to throw their insecurites aside...

    • Being shy doesn't necessarily mean unable to take initiative, especially if it's with a girl he's already been communicating with, which is the premise of the question.

    • Anon has a good point. I was answering in terms of a long period of time, but speaking within a short one, it may be the case that he doesn't like texting, things may be too routine, he feels he always has to initiate, and like you said just busy.

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  • Not interested. If he was, he'd be texting.

    Don't take it too hard, he may just feel as though you two aren't that compatible and he happened to notice it before you did.

    • Too bad this is not a recent scenario or anything! I am not seeing anyone at the moment, I was just reflecting!

      "If he was interested, he would ask me out" - If you showed interest, gave him a specific time and place that you would like to go, and he told you to get lost with no counteroffer, then he's not interested. Otherwise, he may have no idea on how to approach you...

  • I think it probably either means that he's not interested, or he's trying to play "He who cares the least Always Wins", where one person stops contacting the other to make them even more interested. It's a lame tactic, I know...

    For what it's worth, even when I try to play "He Who Cares the Least", if I really like the girl I can't do it and end up texting her back

  • He's sitting back. It's your turn.

    • What if the girl asked him the last time? Wouldn't she seem to needy if she asked him again? For the second time in a row?

  • I think in the majority of cases, it does not mean that he's not interested.

    I think it's far more likely that he doesn't like texting. Or is tired of taking the first step all the time. That it makes him look too eager, and you not eager enough.

    • What if the girl is eager and contacts him, but he still doesn't initiate?

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    • why do they ease off?

    • Because they are not girls. They don't have the female love for or need of constant communication.

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