What are your thoughts on Manwhores?

People are always asking/talking about the female slut but don't really say much about the manwhore. As a guy who has had the (mis) fortune of being excessively promiscuous, I can shed some light on the pros and cons of being a man-whore.

1. Bragging rights for years to come
2. Supreme confidence in any situation involving the opposite sex
3. Wisdom that can be passed on to those struggling souls out there
4. Greater knowledge of oneself
5. Greater knowledge of life
6. Sexual supremacy
7. A greater ability to read people
8. A strong foundation in the art of persuasion

1. People don't trust you as much
2. A strong separation between sex and emotion
3. More prone to pessimism
4. An everlasting distrust of the opposite sex
5. A feeling of emptiness in your heart that's hard to fill
6. Nearly impossible dating standards for serious relationships
7. A feeling of isolation, regardless of who you are around.
8. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is going to think you're disgusting.
What are your thoughts on Manwhores?
What are your thoughts on Manwhores?
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