Guys, Guy at church keeps complimenting me?

He compliments me every time I sing a solo He has complimented my clothes... a pink dress, a pink crochet top I had made, a gingerbread scarf I made, a red dress. Sometimes can't look me in the eye when he's talking to me. He has been known to stare even when I'm not looking. Why does he keep complimenting me? Is it because he likes me? Guys, why do you compliment a girl so much? I don't have much experience. Help?


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  • 1 when I find her extremely adorable.
    2 when I'm horny.
    3 when she's sad or depressed.
    Tell him that pizza is the second best thing you love to put inside your mouth.
    If he gets angry, tell him that first is the holy words of Jesus Christ. 😂😂😂😂

    • I wasn't sad or depressed.

  • he may just catch you not smiling and want a you to. just make sure he is not a stalker

  • Crush. It's simple, if a guy says that to u. Di u think he hates you?

    • I was just trying to figure it out since he hasn't told me likes me.

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    • Not with every girl. It depends on what she thinks of you after talking with her.. if she's attracted... and on her personality. If the girl is a nice girl or a complete witch it makes a difference.

    • So that's what the guys do. Make compliments and stuff.

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