Guy compliments me soo often?

First of all yes i’m grateful for it. But anyways, there’s this guy who I added on snap and he added back, we started off just snapping then he told me i’m hot and asked about me what i like and stuff, we’ve talked about a bunch of things. I send him a snap of my face and he always compliments me saying literally every word you can think of at some point. I do send people selfies with filters a lot, but nonetheless he’s called me hot, gorgeous, stunning, adorable, cute, beautiful, and I do blush a little because it makes me flattered! He’s a senior tho, and it’s so often it makes me wonder if it’s even genuine. I’ve said thank you like 100 times, and i’ve told him it’s a lot and maybe to do it a bit less. He’s said he’ll try but he claims he “just can’t help himself”

Does this seem like harmless compliments, what’s he trying to gain? Does it seem like too much? Any thoughts please?

Also, he asks how my day is and if i’m feeling ok and things like that, and hasn’t really made any direct “want in your pants” comments.
Guy compliments me soo often?
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