What to text a shy girl after first date?

I met a girl online. We started talking last Sunday, all of our conversations through text went very well through the week so we met tonight for our first date. I had high hopes after how well our conversations through the week went. Well, it turns out that in person she is shy and reserved, so it was hard to get her to talk on our date. I would like to take her on a second date though to see if I can get her to open up. I've never experienced this before, what would be a good text to send her tomorrow? (shy girls please respond... haha)



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  • Just be like "i enjoyed our date last night, id like to take you out again," and get to know you more. I'm a reserved kinda girl, it takes us awhile to open up, but believe me once she opens up hopefully the conversations get rolling! At least thats how it happened with my boyfriend, I was shy but he made an effort to ask me things and help me open up so just be patient, and help her out.


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  • "Had a great time. Hope you did, too. Would love to do it again if you like."
    Not too heavy. Positive, but chill.

    • I texted her pretty much exactly what you said. Took her 5 hours to respond, saying thanks for the great night. Texted her again today and got a 1 word answer. I don't think she's interested!

    • Possibly not. I'd just do my own thing, and see if she contacts you again.

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  • "I had a really great time tonight 😙. I'd also really love to take you on another date sometime"


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  • you're lucky to have a first date with a shy girl from online. I am not able to get meet a shy girl even though she lives an hour away from me. leave aside dating her 😂😂😂

    • She wasn't shy at all over texting!! Wasn't expecting her to be so shy in person.

    • Oh man. don't worry just send the text as per @philosophicalbull. you shouldn't have a problem. actually it's a good sign that she is shy in person. she not be sleeping around with any guy.