I gave my gym crush my number without him asking - advice?

I've created an awkward situation - I could die. I've been at my new gym for about a month and there's a guy I see there almost every night. Started with glances then smiles across the room. He'll come and stand right next to me to workout too. If I move to another part of the gym, I catch him looking for me. I crush on him so hard. On Friday night I went to gym and it was really quiet there. Like 10 mins into my workout he arrived (he has never come on a Friday before) and my heart skipped a beat. He was also alone there for the first time so I thought this is my chance. I'm working out and I was thinking OK I NEED to speak to this dude. I wanna know his name and what he's about. I see him rapping under his breath and I love hip hop too, I bet we'd have such good convos (and sex but nvm lol). I got overwhelmed and I really couldn't help myself so went to my bag, wrote my name and number on a piece of paper and went up to him and said 'LOOKS LIKE YOU DROPPED SOMETHING' in the weirdest voice and handed it to him and carried on with my workout. I felt like I was going to faint though - was so nervous. As I left, he waved and smiled. I was feeling good. I waited and waited for his text but it's Monday morning now and he hasn't text me. I feel like I was way too forward and blew it but I thought he was showing signs of interest and I know gyms are hard places to talk so I thought I'd make the move. I feel kinda rejected? And now I gotta go back to gym tonight knowing what's transpired and I bet he's told his friends and they're judging me or think I'm a slut who always does this or I DUNNO!! by the way, I'm 26 and definitely above average in looks (I'm 5'2 with a big butt and tiny waist, green eyes, big lips and long dark hair - kinda look like Mandy Moore) but am normally pretty shy with guys. He looks roughly my age. I'm moving to a new town at the end of the month so just wanted to connect with him before I go. So awkward now. Help please.
So update. I got to gym last night and I was so anxious know how to act. He arrives a little while after BUT WITH A GIRL. Definitely looks like his girlfriend as they worked out together and he touched her back and stuff and I saw them leave together in the same car. I played it really cool. in my opinion It was a really subtle way to reject me and he did the right thing if he is taken by not texting me and stuff but it still sucks.. I will continue to look and smile from afar :)


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  • From the way you describe it it does sound like he's interested. I can pretty much guarantee that he (and his friends IF he's even told them) don't think that you're a slut. I know everybody's different but personally I love it when a girl gives me her number and the idea that she'd be a slut has never crossed my mind.

    As to why he hasn't called there could be a number of reasons. You say he shows signs of interest and yet he hasn't made any move yet so maybe he's shy too and need to work up the courage to call (or text) you. Or, since it's been a weekend, maybe he's been busy visiting family or friends. Or maybe he's one of those guys that think that if he doesn't wait for three days before he calls he'll come off as desperate.

    When you see him next time you should go up to him and say; So, I still haven't heard from you? And see what he says. I know that it's going to feel like torture doing that since you say that you're shy but it will accomplish two things. First of all you'll get an explanation for why he hasn't called and second you show him that him not doing that is nothing that bothers you (even though it does).

    I understand that you feel a bit rejected, and maybe you were, but that's not the end of the world, it happens to people, all the time and it doesn't mean that you're not pretty enough, there could be any number of reasons for that too if that's really the case.

    So don't worry (and maybe you'll hear from him during the day), go to the gym tonight and show him that it was no biggie that he didn't call.

    Good luck! :-)


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  • "I bet his friends are judging me or thinking I'm a slut" Nope, no they're not. You gave a guy who was smiling at you his number, do you honestly think he's going to go "OH MAN, WHAT A LOSERRRR!" He might not have responded because he might be messing around with other girls. You did the right thing and you;re moving anyways, so who cares?

  • Good on you for making a move on someone you like, even though he might be taken at least you had the courage to do it, definitely don't worry about being judge I doubt anyone is.
    Girls always smile and workout close to me in the gym I know there interested but they never talk im always the one initiating conversation and end up getting there fb or number
    keep up the good work , if you want it go get it!!!

  • thats an adorable scenario like if I was that dude I'd be weak in the knees a little bit, wouldn't know how to react at first


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