Why are my boyfriend's kisses so wet?

My boyfriend and I have a great relationship, but kissing is a little different story. I enjoy kissing to show affection, but my boyfriend's kisses always leave my lips wet and not a very good feeling. I end up having to wipe my lips because of it. (He knows this as well, doesn't try to do it intentionally, and feels bad). My question is: my boyfriend kisses leave my lips very wet, but he doesn't even use tongue.. why is the kiss so wet then?


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  • Umm, you should feel free to mention him that. Maybe he thinks that's how people are supposed to kiss? You should definitely talk to him about it because I doubt he can actually guess that you are not into that.
    I was dating a guy once who shoved his tongue in my mouth forcibly. When I mentioned him that I didn't like what he was doing, he was surprised because his exes apparently "loved it".


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