Girls, Do girls go based on physical attraction or non-physical?

When dating a guy or being a guy in a relationship do you consider physical attraction #1? or non-physical as #1 non-physical can be described as, his charm, his intelligence, his empathy towards you, his humor (he can make you laugh) basically his personality traits.

Now, I understand most girls who answer this may say, a girl has to attracted to the guy in some way (which is fine) but essentially personality matters more. With that being said, for me personally, I think I am a decent looking guy and I don't come across as shady or a guy going after a girl for 1-thing only. Many people have told me, you come across as a trustworthy, intelligent and a funny guy.

I think I have a good personality but quite often girls don't give me a chance and it's not like I say something weird, I just have this feeling where they feel I am not good enough for them. Mind you, I am not going after super hot/supermodel-esq girls, yeah some of them are pretty to keep it real but I don't like how girls are so quick to judge. It's like if a pretty girl went into an interview and the man interviewing thinks, well she's pretty so she must not be a hard worker and must be a ditz, that's not cool. I can talk about anything from today's entertainment, to sports to politics to lifestyle and etc.
Girls, Do girls go based on physical attraction or non-physical?
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