What if a guy takes phone calls/texts while out with a girl? What does it mean?

GUYS- what does it mean if you're out with a girl (may or may not be a date) and you check your phone periodically - answer phone calls - check your text messages. Do you not care about the girl you're with? Does this mean it's definitely not a date? Wouldn't you be ignoring calls/texts if you were out with a girl you're interested in? Would you answer some calls and not others (i.e. answer a call from your mom or dad? etc.)? Would you text friends when you're out on a date?

The guy I like and I hung out for the first time one-on-one. he didn't make any calls, his Mom called and he talked to her for a couple minutes, and he did check his text messages. (I don't believe he wrote and sent any texts, just checked). Does this mean he wasn't interested in being with me too much?



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  • It could mean he has his priorities in order and assumes you are mature enough to see him as a responsible person. Depending on his relationship with his mom, her normal bedtime, etc., he could have taken her call out of courtesy. I would look at the fact he didn't talk to her for half and hour, or return the text messages as a blessing, since you were more important than anything else, except his mother, yet you are important enough for him to keep that short.

    How would you like it if you were out with a guy who didn't check his phone at all, even though it buzzed, only to find out later that his mother was in the hospital, or a friend totaled their car, and he didn't care enough about anyone to even see who, or what his phone buzzed for?


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  • Your right to feel how you do

    It means he's an idiot - I always turn it off - even if I'm in a shop where I need to speak to someone

    And if I was out with a girl I wouldn't dare take it out - to me its like someone smoking next to you - ignorance

    I know how you feel - a girl I liked briefly would text her friends constantly when we where alone - granted we where 15- but it bugged me so much

    you should print this page out in a few days :D - show him

    • Haha, thanks :) I always appreciate answers. I like this guy but I"m pretty sure he didn't consider it a date, I'm hoping we have a real official date soon! We are supposed to hang out Saturday, I'm going to his house... to see some pictures... that's the plan.. lol

  • I call that a lack of interest or respect, every date I ever been on I turned my phone off and or left it in the car. that girl has my full attention and I expect the same, I walked out on a date where a girl would not put down the phone for 5 minutes, I left her to pay the check.

  • I would think he was nervous but I don't think he was 'expecting' something but it is rude of him to do such a thing I would just turn off my cell until then.

  • Seriously it's not like y'all were at the alter and he answered his phone or sent a text. I do think it is tacky to be on the phone for long periods of time when you are hanging out with anyone date or not, but you said he was very selective of the calls he answered and didn't send any texts. Well considerer yourself lucky he obviously likes you, cut the guy some slack.


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  • Well it shows good upbringing if someone answers the phone call from mom or dad (provided that mom and dad aren't rabid callers who have no reason to call but to be nosy or nothing to do, you probably know what I mean). They could be asking them to get home by a certain time, or to check up on younger siblings when they get home, remember to check the left car tire because it always deflates a bit-- it could be a multitude of valid reasons. And about the calls/txts some of them may be work-related or things of other importance. As long as he doesn't go on and on about nothing, these calls and texts are minor.

    I personally have a hard time in social situations, such as dating, and I find it a lot easier if I ask one of my friends ahead of time to call me or text me and make me feel better-- more open-- because then I'm talking as the 100% real me and that makes it easier to transition the conversation into 'oh he's just like my best friends so I don't need to worry what I say'-mode. I don't know if that's what your guy was doing, but just wanted to give some insight.

    I hope this helps.

  • It could be any of these three Reasons:

    1. A lack of interest

    2. He doesn't have any manners, and he doesn't know how rude it is to other people.

    3. OR, he might have been nervous.

    When I'm nervous I tend to look at my phone a lot!

    Good luck!

    • What if its not a date and you and a guy were hanging out and he had to take a phone call but made it up to you eventually...what would that mean.

    • Good question. If it's not a date Then, he has all the right to pick up the phone. But, I think it's nice when someone excuses themselves politely. However, if somebody takes their sweet time on the phone, that to me is considered rude! (unless it's an emergency call) What would you do?