Best dating sites for punk , Emo , scene people?

I’ve always really been into pop punk and Emo music and I’m interested in finding a woman who is very similar. I’ve dressed this way since I was 8. I’m 23 now. This is really a huge part of who I am. Can anybody recommend any dating sites in these categories? I already know of altscene but there could also be other ways to meet women like this. Any idea how or where?

I’ve attached 2 pictures below so you know what I’m talking about in terms of looks. Best dating sites for punk , Emo , scene people?Best dating sites for punk , Emo , scene people?


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  • MySpace circa 2006? Nah I reckon something like reddit would be alright. Some of the subreddits like might be helpful. Facebook could also be one, I know there are groups dedicated to almost anything for major cities across the globe try to meet people there. Clubs are also an option. In Melbourne where I'm from, there are clubs and bars that play punk, metal and garage rock, they cater towards that crowd and you should be able to find some people there. If it's a specifically romantic thing, try tinder or bumble. Post photos in your punkiest outfits and see if anyone within the same subculture might be interested.


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