What is a woman's favorite physical attribute on a guy?

Just curious to see what women prefer as their favorite physical aspect on a guy. Please leave comments if you want to elaborate.

  • Good smile/face
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  • Six pack abs
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  • Muscular chest
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  • Muscular biceps
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  • The Gluteus Maximus
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  • A nice smile is a good start, but then I like to see how they interact with people, you know rude, kind etc. Will give you a good idea about how he really is.


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  • For my favorite physical aspect I'd have to say a guy's face, you know if its warm and loving or deep and thoughtful or harsh and rugged! (all are good BTW)

    but what I really look at initially if a guy catches my attention is the way he interacts with other people, you know the way he behaves with friends, parents, siblings and other women. From this you can grasp a hint to his personality, if he's respectful, trustworthy, kind!

    just my thoughts!

  • I like arms and hieght. I like really tall guys and also guys with long arms and big hands. I like guys that are bigger in general.

  • my favorite part on a guy isn't on here ;]


    but if I had to choose

    then its a tie between a good smile/face

    and the upper body area

    • Yeah, I just wanted to keep things above the belt...not that there's anything wrong with liking anything below the belt.

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    • What is it then?

    • Its weird

      but you know those creases on the front part of a guy's hips

      thats in the shape of a V ?

      [i call it a V lol]

      for some reason,

      i find it very attractive o.o

  • OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I love a guy with nice arms and they don't have to be all buff, in fact, I'm not into the who huge ass arms, I'm just talking about nice arms to hold you in.,

    • It's kind of like my thing for legs on women, I just have a thing for legs, just thought I'd share my favorite part on a girl.

    • Oh wow I'm an arm person too. lol I thought I was the only one

  • haha I like guys who have nice arms and a really nice chest (including abs). but first I usually notice his smile and how he acts around others.

  • it depends chest and biceps. I prefer my guys to have pecks lol

    • Theres just something sexy about guys having muscular biceps . . .hugging makes you feel all safe and comfy (lame . . lol) . . .and with toned arms and chest . . .it just can't get any better

    • Yeah I think the chest and the biceps like makes me feel more cute and feminine

  • Muscular chest and arms, along with a good smile ; )

  • cute face/smile :D


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