Are there any women here that used to be again FLR and then changed their mind and now enjoy it?

I know that I used to be against it. Because I didn't understand it. I think about the old phrase "don't knock it until you try it"

I won't go into detail about how I learned to love and embrace my feminine power but of all the posts concerning female led relationships about 80% of the women are either dead set against it or neutral at best.

I'm here to tell you ladies to at least try it once. Even if you have a good man get yourself a submissive guy friend. You won't regret it!!!


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  • I'll be honest the idea has intrigued me, but I don't think I'd want to be the dominant one all the time. I would prefer him to primarily be the dominant one, but every once in a while it'd be fun to switch roles.

    • it's a play it by ear relationship.

      Besides, most FLRs are only about 60/40 anyway. Most women don't want to raise a man-child.
      Nor do most women today want to stay at home and make pies while waiting to bring the husband his newspaper and slippers...

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    • I've seen way too many women (and men, but by far a majority of women) spend 10-20+ years of their lives "depending" on a man only to one day wake up finding that her dear ole husband has been cheating on her.. So either she sticks it out with that guy or decide to go on her own late in life. Personally, I'm not going to do such a thing!

    • Wow, really? I don't understand why a husband would cheat in a situation like that.

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  • I've had relationships all three ways, me leading, her leading, and just kinda equal power. Flr definetly has its appeals and would definitely go for it again

    • ^^^ a real man that protecting a fragile ego. :)

    • What do you mean? I don't understand

    • I meant that at least you're man enough to admit (and seem to be comfortable with your own sexuality) what most guys deny. Most guys are constantly beating their chest and claiming to have the biggest penis.

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  • What is FLR? And girl all guys are submissive. You just need to find their edge and hold on to it until they fall on the floor and thats when tpu put on the chains and bring out the whip wshhhhuuu. Jokes lol

  • I too agree that many men are submissive at heart. They were built to provide and serve and protect. It's in a man's make up to be strong so he can make his woman happy. This occurs in most situations. Society and cities have changed this somewhat but men deep down still know that they are better to serve the lady and provide her all the happiness and pleasure she wants

  • Eeew. Wtf. What did I just read this has to be a troll post.

    • why would you respond to a "troll post"?

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    • Yeah, pedophilia ends at 24..
      You're so defensive. A big sign of insecurity.

      *pats you on your head*

    • No you got the response you asked for what the hell else would you expect and don't touch my head.

  • Women who have weak partners are usually miserable. Usually.

    • I'm not talking about the take-anything-he-can-get kind of guy.
      I'm talking about the guy that in genuinely concerned with a woman 'getting hers' too!

      Women who have "strong, arrogant, self-centered alpha male" types are usually eve more miserable... Usually.

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    • Where do you get your "facts"

      Next thing you'll be saying is that "women can't drive" or "women won't make good doctors or politicians because they can't handle the pressure"

      Dude, I think your "facts" are outdated.

    • Women literally can't drive as well as men. They've proven they lack spatial intelligence. Fact.

  • We are in flr


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