My crush touched my hand, was this a accidental touch or intentional touch?

Today was the second time he touched my hand. So he came over to my desk to show me something. After I got done looking at it I put it on my desk and nod my head ok (meaning I'm done looking at it). He didn't take it so I looked at him, and he looked at the product. I guess he wanted me to hand it to him. So I grabbed the product and handed it to him. As he was grabbing it he touched my finger, pause for a bit and took it. I was in shock. 😲 he touched my finger! Was it a accident or intentional? I didn't have a chance to look at his facial expression because i was too focuse on my hand. Not gonna lie I had a feeling he was gonna touch my hand somewhere, since he made me hand it to him. Was it a accident or intentional?
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  • It's not an accident. I do the same with the girl I like. Touch is a way to build attraction and it breaks the touch barrier making her feel comfortable being touched by you, and comfortable enough to touch you back. However, the finger touch isn't enough to do that, but it's a start.


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  • Don't overthink that moment. When you flirt with him next time rub his bicep for a short moment. He'll feel confident


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