Was I raped? Should I tell my boyfriend?

About 5 months ago I was hanging out in a dorm with a bunch of friends and this guy who really liked me showed up. I was way too drunk and don't remember much, I know he started drinking too later on. I did not have feelings for the guy at all and I told him that before. I know I wanted to go to sleep in my bed and somehow he ended up in my bed too? I just have two memories from the end of that night, hearing my horrible roommate telling him he could just spend the night here instead of walking back to his dorm and then him fingering me. I remember that it hurt a lot. I woke up the next morning and he was in my bed and I immediately left my dorm not wanting to be near him. I feel super guilty like I cheated on my boyfriend who I love but I know I would never want to be touched by that guy. All I wanted was to maybe be friends with the guy. He messaged me the next day asking if I knew what happened the night before, I told him no and he said nothing happened. He's lying about touching me? Should I talk to my boyfriend about this or just try to forget it ever happened?
Was I raped? Should I tell my boyfriend?
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