He hasn't called in 3 days since our date?

we had very good chemistry the sexual attraction was there and we were intimate. He told me how beautiful I was after and we had a great time. Does this mean he won't call at all now? Usually I would wait a few dates to sleep with a man but with him the chemistry was crazy. I refuse to call him I just thought he was really into me so this has thrown me back. when he was leaving that night he told me how hot it was and that he had a great time.


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  • If he really likes you he will contact you again...if not oh well lots of other guys out their...

  • Well, who was the one who called the other last time? If it was him, you can call him (or rather text him so that it doesn't get akward) cause maybe he just thinks it's your turn.

    On the other hand that is exactly what I do with one night stands... Also how long did you know each other before? If you know each other less than a month (two months) and haven't really connected (had long conversations, texted each other) before, than this was most probably just a one night stand. I know it's bad, but I would never date a girl that would sleep with me on the first date.

    It doesn't matter if you've done it before or not but you automatically lose the guys respect. You could be the best girl, interesting etc. but if you make it too easy, we assume it was this easy for all the other guys before.

    • I'm not disagreeing with what you posted, I'm just curious. Are you concerned at all that a woman may not date you because *you* had sex on the first date?

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    • So I should just write this guy off? He came to my house we watched a movie had some wine, I just thought who cares if it feels like a mutual hot connection I didn't expect to sleep with him there was no plan to it was 8pm on a week night so I didn't think anything of it I really enjoyed it and I am disappointed because we are both 30 and I did expect to hear from him this has not happened to me before maybe also its a blow to my ego lol

    • Well,to me it sounds like it was a one night stand. I can't be absolutely certain... there are many ways in which he could still be interested but if he didn't call than he probably isn't interested. Don't worry about your ego... you said yourself that the sex was good and that's always a nice treat. Next time you'll know and you'll make a guy so hot for you by rejecting him on the first few dates that he won't be able to stop thinking about you.

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