Why hasn't he called in 3 days after our 2nd date?

I winked at a guy on Match and he then emailed me. We emailed a couple of times and he asked me out for a drink. He suggested a couple of days, none of which I was available. I then responded and told him a few days that I was available. I then didn't hear back from him for 5 days, but I saw that he had been on Match. I sent him another email stating hat I hadn't heard from him and was just wondering if he was still interested in meeting up. He responded that he was and we got together 2 Wednesdays ago. We had a great first meeting and He paid for dinner and for my Valet. He also asked me if I was interested in going out again, to which I said yes. We were both going out of town that weekend, so he said he'd give me a call when we got back. I did not hear from him until Saturday when he sent me a text asking how my trip was going. He then texted me Monday and asked me out for the following Saturday. I did not hear from him until Thursday, when he called to say hi. I did not answer and called him back Fri after work. We had an AMAZING 2nd date and spent 2.5 hours talking. At the end, he kissed me. We were driving home and he said he didn't want the night to end and asked if I was interested in going over to his cousins house, who were have a small get together with 2 other couples. When we left his cousins, he asked what I thought and I told him I though they were great and that they were the type of people that I could be friends with. He said he was hoping I'd say that. We then went back to my place, had some wine and made out. He stayed the night, but we didn't have sex, but we did do oral (mutual). He left around 8:30 am on Sunday and texted me at 8:50 to say thank you.

He then called me at 9 pm and we talked for about 40 minutes. he then texted me a picture of a beach near his new place and told me he can't wait to show it to me. I told him it looked beautiful and suggested having dinner picnic there before it got too cold. He said he'd love that and suggested the 1st weekend in Oct (he's out of town next weekend). I responded: "that could work. We'll figure it out ;)" and I have not heard from him since. It is now Thursday morning. One other tid bit of info: I told him on our 2nd date that I would be in about 4 blocks from his house this upcoming weekend for a firm retreat. He told me he had family in town, but said that hopefully we could grab a drink. SO, am I being unreasonable in worrying about him not calling me from Sunday to Thursday? Do you think he was just leading me on? Do you think he'll call? Oh, he has been on Match within the last 24 hours... but then again, so have I... Thoughts?

One more question, should I call/text him?


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  • That sounded like the best freaking date ever... and I'm a guy... Are you here to brag about it :) ? I bet he'll call you soon and if not, he's thinking about you anyway.

    I once had a girl and she went away for two weeks with her family... I called her three times (she didn't call me once) but the third time I thought she sounded annoyed so I decided I'd not call her because I didn't want to spoil her trip and take away her fun time. She didn't call me this whole time even once... I was bussy working but I thought about her and just told myself she was bussy having fun and that I should leave her some space. I knew the date she was supposed to come so I called her up then:

    -How are you, do you want to meet?

    -I don't understand.

    -You're home now, right?

    -Yes, but didn't you break up with me?


    -You didn't call me... I thought you broke up with me. I cried like crazy... etc.

    That is what happens when people overanalyse. Either wait patiently and don't worry or call him and find out :)


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  • I think you're way overanalyzing this. Just send him a fun, playful text if it's driving you crazy. But be careful you don't turn into the obsessive girl that needs to text/call him every hour.

    Also, be prepared that you aren't the only girl in his life right now. Especially with him still going onto Match, he may be playing the field a bit.


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  • Ouch.. I think when you're hooking up with people you meet on-line chances are you are not the only one they meet. I say put your high heels on and keep on dancin'.

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