My ex girlfriend still calls me everyday even if she already has a new boyfriend?

My ex girlfriend and I were together for almost 4 years and we always see each other at least everyday. At the same time she was also two timing me with her other boyfriend, for 6 years, who is overseas. 5 months ago, she started working for a company that she says demands a lot of overtime, and she became so busy its we're lucky if I see her 4x a month. She also started not to text or call me. So I felt that she's starting to grow cold and is likely seeing a new guy. Last month, she texted me that she's starting to like someone. So we talked, but of different topic. She was talking about her Boyfriend overseas, told me he came back 5 months ago, but they already broke up since he's treating her badly and started threatening her because of their break up. So I asked about the new guy if she already loves me. She said she didn't, she said she just likes him. I got the feeling that they're together at work, so I told her that when she feels she loves him already, she can just tell me and I'll let her go. She did a few weeks ago. She told me that even if she already have feelings for her new boyfriend, she won't be gone from my life because I'm important to her and that she'll always be there for me. At first, I was hurt, but took it alright. Then she wanted me to meet the new guy, and that felt like a kick in the guts so I started to act desperate and wanted her back. Most of the time she ignored my calls and my texts. But I managed to talked to her, and she rejected me. After that I felt so relieved like my burden was taken off from me. I still have feelings for her, but not enough to go after her anymore, and I'm always out with friends. I would still text her to greet her good morning and whenever I greet her goodnight, she calls me up to ask about my day, and she would start narrating about what happened to her at work. She says says she misses the days we hangout and would like to hangout again soon but she is just busy now but would schedule it when she's free. She'd tell me that her new boyfriend is a workaholic like her and the only bonding time they have is when he helps her review for her board exam. Whenever I go out with friends, she asks me about the people I'm with and what we did. Sometimes, she asks me if I'm really alright (about the break-up), and it makes me think if she's trying to open up old wounds. Sometimes it makes me cry, but not because of the pain, its just how I am whenever I talk about my real feelings. Then she starts thinking "I'm hurting you again." So what do you think she's doing? We've been in a complicated situation before when she first broke up with me and I chased after her, but when I started to lose interest with her, she came back to me. Is she doing the same thing? Of course, I still want us together, but I've already made up my mind that I won't expect that to happen.


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  • Keeping you on back burner while waiting for the relationship to develope with the other guy.


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  • Well I agree with mak2512, she is probably keeping on the back burner, o know one thing you need to do for sure is to check yourself out of this situation. If not these wounds ll never close up and you will be crying for a long time

    • My friends did say the same thing. And the way she do things makes me expect for her phone calls every night. And sometimes it gets hard that I have to be stern with myself so as not to lose for my feelings. I just want her to be clear because right not it makes me feel like she's playing mind games with me. If she wants to be friends, I can do that but at least give me some time sort myself together.