Ex-boyfriend calls me everyday?

My ex boyfriend broke-up with me about 3 weeks ago simply because he felt 'pressured' into spending time with me. He spends all his time with his friends, drinking and occasionally gambling, so its not that he was cheating on me. Anyways, I accept the break up and didn't contact my ex for about 4 days and neither did he. But then he called me on the next day but I didn't answer because it shocked me, but he called the next day and I answered because I was curious about what he wanted and why he was calling me (I know I should have ignored him). We talked (nothing about the relationship) just "how are you?", "how's work?", "what you do today?". I kept the conversation light and even hinted that I was doing good.

The thing is he calls me EVERYDAY (sometimes 2-3 times) to talk to me for hours. I don't answer every time he calls (he gets jealous and questions my whereabouts). He's told me he missed me twice and that he thinks about calling me up to ask if I wanted to hang out but doesn't want to ask because he doesn't want to give me the impression that we're together. When I told him that if we were to hang out I wouldn't assume we are together because WE ARE NOT, and I know you don't want to be with me. He got mad and said "don't say that", when he said it himself. He's very shy when it comes to his inner feelings but, If he truly wanted to see me and hang out with me, there would be nothing stopping him. He made a joke saying he's my man and when I told him that he doesn't belong to me anymore, he asked me "If I don't belong to you, who do I belong to?"

Other than not spending some time with me, our relationship was really good. We got along great, I just wanted to go to the movies or the park with my man once in a while. Why is my ex calling me everyday, if he doesn't want me anymore?


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  • This ex really likes you; he doesn't want an official relationship because it's too much pressure for him, and he isn't ready to change his lifestyle in terms of hanging out with friends, gambling, and so forth, to accommodate a girl friend.

    But he misses you and likes you, just the same.

    He worries that you'll try to 'tie him down' if you start hanging out together, so he keeps telling you that you aren't a couple, but he is also jealous and possessive about you..

    Yes, he is being very self-contradictory. This isn't very unusual!

    • He doesn't like me enough to be in a relationship with me. Nor does he like me enough to hang out with me as friends? This doesn't make any sense to me lol!

    • No, it's confused, because..he is confused! A lot of that happening lately!

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  • because he wants to make it impossible for anyone else to come into the pic,control,

  • he still feels like you are his. tlak to him tell him you won't accept that.


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