Why is my Ex-boyfriend texting me everyday?

My ex boyfriend broke up, (after a year and half of together,) almost 2 months ago. About a month after the break up and no contact since, I texted him. Saying I found some tickets from when he took me (to a really nice town) and it reminded me of him. And I hope he was doing good. He texted me back right away and said he was doing OK and he hopes I'm good as well. And he hopes I went back to school. (I've been in my country for the past 5 month, came to get an f-1 student visa to study in the US). I didn't respond to that.

Next day he texted me asking me if I was in NYC and how he was still surprised I texted him. And I said not yet, I'll be back in a few weeks . After that we've talked about almost everyday. Last week we didn't talk for 2 days and he texted me saying " You forgot about me" . We talked the whole day and next day too.

He says he's not ready for another relationship, but other times he says he wishes he had someone. (I doubt he has any issues finding someone since he's 6'3 gorgeous Sicilian man).

He asks me if I have someone.

He ask me a lot when am I getting back to NYC


Last night he said he has changed a lot. Emotionally and mentally. That it was time to be a man build something. I saw that text and didn't reply too soon. And before I could reply, he send me another text saying. "We can be really good friends" " Is that ok" "We're talking and I don't want to misunderstand things" ... I said we're just talking and I'm not misunderstanding things, and there was no need of him to say that. He said "its OK I'm sorry" .. like 15 minutes later I texted him gn. and he said gn talk tomorrow.

Please guys help! What do you guys think?

P.S I'm so so sorry for the long paragraph. I'm just clueless !


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  • he wants sex

    • I doubt those are his intentions. 1- We're no even in the same country right now. 2- We never had sex, he waiting for me..

    • so its a long term investment then... I'm sorry if I sound rash but there is only one reasons why ex's get back in touch

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  • I feel like he misses you, but is not ready for a relationship even if he wanted one.

  • The magical solution to this problem : leave.

    Trust me I have been in your shoes 106483209 times and the guy does and says nearly the same things. For instance, what he's really saying is this:

    "I'm not ready for a relationship" = "I want to date around and I'm not ready for long-term stuff"

    "You forgot about me" = " I want to see if you're still nuts about me, but I still don't want to date you"

    " We can be really good friends" = " I want you around as a friend, nothing romantic"

    I promise you, the second you move on, he's going to try to get you back. Not because he really wants you back, but because he's jealous that you moved on and he hasn't found a girl to bite at his hook. If someone really likes you they don't spin you around in circles, they're not trying to confuse you because they want/need you, they're not trying to be your "friend" because they don't want another guy to take you. Start ignoring this guy unless he really shows that he wants to be the man you want him to be and not just for you but for the both of you, because he really wants to do what it takes to be with you.