She hasn't told me about her boyfriend yet?

I've been hanging out with this girl near a month now. She thought I was hilarious and started asking me to hang out with her... she always says stuff like I think you're so funny, you turn me on...and always flirt punches me.

The thing is, she has a boyfriend. But, she has never mentioned him to me; in other words, she thinks/assumes I don't know she's with someone.

I'm not sure what to do right now...I don't want to keep doing this and giving myself false hope if she's just gonna stick with her boyfriend, but the fact that she has never mentioned him to me makes me think that I have a chance. I don't know. I've never been in this situation before.


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  • There are a few alternatives here:

    1) She's trying to just fool around with you until she gets bored of you.

    2) She's trying to know you more, and in the same time weigh the pros and cons to see if it's worth it for her to dump her current boyfriend and get together with you.

    3) She's just being flirtatious. (similar as 1, but she has no intention to fool around with you)

    Either way, I say it's best for you to just give you two some distance if you don't want to get too involve with that girl.


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