My girlfriend never hangs out with her friends?

My girlfriend has a lot of people she talks to. Her facebook shows that she has partied with her friends and had lots of fun in the recent past. But now that we have been dating, it's a different story. She still talks to them and texts them, but she doesn't ever hangout with them. She is with me most of the time, but she never wants to hangout with them. Why is that?

I really feel if I wasn't in the picture she would be happy to be out having fun.

Am I the reason she doesn't want to go out? Does she really want to go out but is afraid to tell me? Does she not want me to be close with her friends? What's the deal?


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  • She'd just prefer to spend time with you :)

  • Sometime when we get into a relationship with a guy our friend come second. It's not like she has no friends it just she is chosing to spend her time with you to get to know you and the type of guy you are.. There is nothing wrong with that. Do you always hang out with her or do you go and hang out with just your friends sometimes?. And its not if you wernt in the picture she would be going out, cause you are most likely right she would be going out but that is part of the single life... Hope I gave you a little help


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