Guys - How often would you want your girl calling/texting you?

I live an hour and a half away from my boyfriend. We've been dating for 5 months. We try to see each other once a week. He works full time and I work part time. Sometimes we go 2 weeks without seeing each other when our schedules don't work out.

Neither of us are the typical "clingy" type. We're young and in love. Both going into our second year of college.

How often would you want or expect your girlfriend to text or call you if you were in this situation?

I don't think every day is necessary. And I know one of the things he likes about me is that I don't call him every single day.

I guess I text him every other day and call him every few.



Everything is great in the relationship. I'm seeing him this weekend.

Just curious if I should be doing more, different, etc.


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  • As often as possible. As long as she doesn't take it to the point where it's like bothering me while I'm doing things I need to get done. She just only needs to understand I have important things to do as well. As long as you mind that, like when I say hey, I'll be busy till such and such time, and don't call me then unless it's truly an emergency eye,life, or limb; you're good.

    Other than that you can call anytime you want. Guys aren't gonna get mad at you for calling them. Unless they want nothing to do with you in the first place, and have gave you mad hints that they want nothing to do with you, or just simply told you they don't.


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  • if all is going well than don't make any sirius changes talk to him about the text messages I know I don't like texts unless they have something that I wanted to know in them If it is just a casual hello type message than a 1 minute phone call is a nice surprise and if it properly brief and smoothly ended than it always leaves me wanting more which I think is a good thing esspecialy in a long distance relationship.

  • continue doing what you're doing if it is working. personally I like to hear from my girlfriend as often as she wants to call or text me, no matter if she just tells me what happened to her at work, its just nice to hear her voice. play it by ear. if he mentions that he doesn't talk to you enough, step up the communication.

  • Texting is just plain annoying, even in moderation. Calls, well, I've never been against calls.

  • yep of course you can try something new to keep the spirt up , plus txt every day is nice and its mean that he's in you're mind you doing good . good luck


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