Why do guys get jealous if you're not even dating them?

I have been noticing this constant pattern with guys or my guy friends. Even if I'm not dating them, the minute I start talking about a guy I like or something, they become extremely jealous or start talking sh*t about the guy that I'm into. Why do guys do this? I'm not even dating these guys, and they just try all these things almost like convincing me that I can do better.


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  • Prolly means that they are interested in you a least a little bit

    • If they are, they should stop the games and tell me they're interested instead of just getting jealous. lol

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    • Then it probably don't matter as long as they don't get the idea that you're their girlfriend or anything

    • True true. Thanks. :)

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  • I bet that they like you very much I have a guy friend who has a girlfriend he gets jealous but I'm not allowed to see him because I was joking with his mother so she said I could not see him but he likes me I know he does


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  • Could be because they wish they were dating you. Or it could be that guys are just protective like that sometimes and if they think he's not good enough for you they'll talk sh*t about him.


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