He thought I was making fun of him and now he can't let it go?

So the guy I'm dating long distance for about 9 months. I love him. He's amazing. But there's this thing that's been bothering me. About a month ago he stayed at my place for about two weeks. In that time frame we had an amazing time, but after he left he called me like a few days to a week later saying that I had been making fun of him and it really hurt him. He was all like "I thought you cared about me I wasn't expecting you to start making fun of me". I was upset and confused by this because I do not remember making fun of him at all. Sure, playful teasing but apparently he thought I was serious. Well, we talked it out and I let him know that I wasn't being serious and I'll try not to tease any more.

Then a few days ago, he sends me this enormous text out of the blue about how he felt like he needed to readdress it and how it was still bothering him and he needed to "get it off his chest" by basically telling me how horrible it was that I was making fun of him. I told him that I thought he had forgiven me and that we moved on. But he just restated everything he said the first time. So I thought I cleared it up the second time, ending with the fact that we should let it go and move on, and reassured him I wouldn't tease (and I hadn't been!).

Well tonight we were talking and he told me how much he cared for me, and I told him that he meant the world to me. He responds with "You don't have to say that". And of course I probe because that's not the correct response lol. Well apparently he didn't want me to feel like I HAD to say it back, and he is skeptical about fake people. I asked if he thought I was being fake, he said no. Then he goes something like "Just ever since you made fun of me it made me question if you truly cared. But it's fine now." I just didn't respond.
When will he stop hanging this over my head? All I did was tease him like twice about silly stuff. I don't know what to do! I just want to stop feeling guilty about something so insignificant!
He thought I was making fun of him and now he can't let it go?
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