Why are light skin girls more preferred?

I know there are some guys who like darker skinned girls but most of the guys I know would clearly state that they like light skin girls and would not date a dark skin girl. I'm just want to hear from guys especially black guys what the infatuation with lighter skin tones are. Because to me how dark or light your skin should not dictate who you date.


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  • I lot guys say that they like light skin girls. I like every skin color and however I am attracted to I will go after them. It doesn't matter to me.


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  • You mean "dark complected girls" and "light complected girls"?

    "Dark skin" is a matter of perception of the person...

    Complexion is a discriptive term...

    Anyhow, I don't care either way, But I don't date black women alltogether! That is, unless they show good grammar, know how to act without a nasty attitude, are not some lazy ass woman, are not out of shape, and don't have to put hair prosthetics in their head (weave... I HATE IT!)

    In terms of complexion? Here's what anthropologists say about the matter:

    Men would date women with lighter skin tones because it is often construed that women of darker skin tones are "working class" women, and are from less affluence than themselves. However among the working class, it is not often a consdieration of skin tone, but of locality that makes the difference.

    As far as the concept in modern North America:

    There is a social stigma imposed by the many years of slavery of Black Americans that the darker of the people are considered less attractive, or less appealing. Due to that discrimination, Most often lighter complected (often due to master/slave relations), slaves were used as "house slaves" and darker ones, "field slaves"... More often than not, it was discouraged for a House slave to "breed" with field slaves. More often than not, female house slaves were often used as cortessans of the slave master... Often to the dismay of the master's wife. This resulted in even lighter complexions in black americans. After slavery, the stigma persisted as a sub caste system within black americans... Culturally, it is subconsciously gained by the next generation due to the behavior observed with parents.

    • Oh, by the way, I am interracial, mostly black... But I am more connected to my native american family members moreso than the black ones. My dad is half native american.

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    • Well, no matter, I care not for the stuff... No offense, but it to me seems as a measure of low self esteem... I care not for fake body parts. If your hair is short, do something good with it. Fake hair and nails are VERY unattractive to me. It matters not the length of hair or nails, as long as you are comfortable and confident about yourself without additives.

    • Back to the subject at hand, opposed to the hair rhetoric...

      People prefer whatever they want. I am 5'5" 189lbs (mostly muscle 14% body fat..) and I won't date a woman that is no bigger than 130lbs, and no taller than 5'4"... Why? My perrogative.

      Many people have their perrogative concerning what they find attractive. I am not sure if your dilemma were born from rejection from a dark male preferring a lighter complected female, but don't let someone else's preferences ruin your prospects.

  • I guess different people have different ideologies of what they regard as attractive, I can't honestly say lighter girls are always preferred. It is not uncommon for me to see interracial relationships between white guys and black girls, a lot of the time even pushing a pram with a biracial child. In my area at least, the majority of the black girls are also quite dark in complexion with the many being direct from africa, lighter black girls are less common. I personally find dark black girls very attractive! wouldn't say I prefer lighter, I wouldn't care

  • IDK, maybe its a subconscious thing. Light skin has been historically associated with femininity and dark skin with masculinity since during the caveman days, the women used to stay inside the caves away from sunlight thereby remaining light skinned, while the men used to hunt outside for food under the sun, thereby getting dark or tanned. While of course, nowadays the society is changing and skin tone factor isn't necessarily associated with masculinity or femininity, eg. Daniel Criag is light skinned but is considered extremely masculine and attractive and Frieda Pinto, Padma Lakshmi are both dark skinned but are considered symbols of feminine beauty.

    I personally can't speak about Black women because I'm generally not attracted to them no matter how light skinned or dark skinned they are. But I believe their big facial features (big wide nose and thick lips) , big bone structure, and lack of long natural hair is the prime reason for them to be neglected by most men, dark skin is not the reason, because there are plenty of dark skinned Indian and Hispanic women who have no problem getting dates at all. eg Nina Davuluri who won Miss America, is stunningly beautiful, she has dark skin.

  • Lighter skin is more attractive, generally speaking.

    I mean, if you polled every guy of every race from every country, you'd find that the majority would choose lighter skin tones over darker ones.

    In every culture on the planet, men prefer lighter skinned women. Even in Africa, where there are no light people, they have done studies with toddlers and even they preferred lighter skin.

    Its just the way it is, I suppose. Lighter features seems more feminine to most men. Darker features seem more masculine

    Now, a lot of guys love jessica alba. She is tanned. But dark skin is genereally not disred by MOST men

    But there are SOME men that will date dark girls.

    Try finding a dark skinned guy

    • There are NO light people in Africa? I've seen some light people from Africa, so I have no idea what you are talking about.

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    • STEPHGIRL. Not in Sub-saharan Africa

      In Northern africa and morroco, yes there are light people. But those people are not black...I'm talking about black people, and the study I referred to was done on all black people that had never seen a white person before

    • Are you dumb? Africa is full of light skinned people. South Africa has tons of "white" looking people.

  • Because everyone is nazi.

  • Because we're living in a racist world. Not only our skin tones matter but also our eyes colours and facial features, whites are racist even if they tell you they're not, they consider us the slightly darker skinned people of a different group, even if we spoke better than them and were more useful to the community we'd still be considered not white.

    Just a question though, why do these whites act like saints when it comes to Hitler? why do they claim Hitler was racist and they're so open minded? what's the difference, Hitler would have wanted to kill you and you know he was an enemy because he declares you as an enemy, he speaks of his race's superiority but does not say other races are all inferior and yuck, but white americans (for example) will keep telling people they're so peaceful and open minded while teaching their children at home how to fear non white people and be aware, then they treat you like a different person, well no thanks, I'd prefer to have Hitler in my face rather than a white racist p*ssy dumbf*ck who hides his hate.

    • What is the purpose of hiding your identity then?

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    • What the hell are you talking about white people raising kids to fear non-whites and all this nonsense about defending Hitler? You sound like you're a racist yourself buddy.

    • I'm not, trust me buddy, I used to be so friendly that sometimes I got pushed away just for not being so white enough to be friends with some people.

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  • That is what society deems "beautiful." They are blown up in the media/entertainment/etc. so of course people are only going to get used to light skin women. Some of this also goes back into the slave days: the lighter skinned people were treated differently than their darker counterparts.

    Now I've even heard of men [ black guys included ] that they would never date or have children with dark women because they aren't "as attractive" as a lighter skin woman and wouldn't want their children dark. These same people [ some, not all ] are ugly as f*** so who would wanna have children, nonetheless date them to begin with anyway ?

    • This is so true and its really sad that a skin color will control who someone will date

    • I say, Force all whites and blacks, and asians across the globe to intermate and systematically kill off anyone considered too "purebred" and then continue the process until all humans are of equal consistancy of tone... Much like a filipino... One less thing to bitch about in the world...

    • I wish it was that easy...We have different skin tones for a reason. People of color are most seen near the equator because they receive more sunlight. Our skin was meant to protect us from the sun. Whereas you see more people with white [ paler ] skin away from the equator because they can soak up as much sun as their can will allow. All of this was made for survival, so there's no reason for "race" since we're all humans.

  • because in society light skinned girls are made to be the it girls

    and lots of people wanna go with what's in right now

    that's my opinion

  • Yay! I am light skinned :) LOL

  • When white people talk, they say the whole word.