Why are light skin women preferred over dark skin women?

I was just wondering why guys tend to like women with lighter skin vs. darker skin. I'm not just referring to black women when I say this, but I mean Hispanic, Indian, Egyptian and so on.

I'm Puerto Rican and Black and I have pretty light skin. However my sister has beautiful darker/caramel skin (that I love and WISH I had) but guys and even girls have made it known that lighter skin is more attractive or simply "looks better." I really don't understand this kind of thinking and I really just want to know why is such a disparity regarding skin color in the races that have such a large variety of skin colors?

Below is a link of light skin and dark skin women and hopefully you can watch that and that'll help you pin-point exactly why guys tend to like lighter skin girls. This was the only good video I could find that showed different shades of light/dark skin. Start at 1:15

START AT 1:15 link

here is another good video...but these girls are slutty.



Light Skin is closer to white/European looks
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Dark skin is closer to black/African looks
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Why are light skin women preferred over dark skin women?
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