Why doesn't my guy friend want to hang out with me?

We became friends a few months ago, and we talk all the time online. But he never wants to hang out with me. Every time I ask, he's always busy or doing something else. He's so nice to me when he sees me at school, and any time I talk to him in general.

It's not like I'm asking him out on a date. I know he's busy with school and stuff, but he finds time for his other friends. He has no problem with me, and he always seems interested when I'm talking to him. He's even invited me out to a party at his friend's house before.

So what reason would he have for not responding to me when I ask him if he wants to hang out with me?


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  • Ask him why. Most guys will just answer you with no problem. Maybe he has a huge crush on you and is just to nervous.

  • A number of reasons he doesn't want to hang out. He's sobering up, has a girlfriend or two, busy, doesn't have a car, is broke, thinks you're unattractive, just finished masterbating, or he's just a flaming homosexual.

    • He doesn't have a girlfriend, they broke up like 3 or 4 months ago. I know that he finds me attractive also. He has a car, and he's not broke. I do know that he's busy with his school work and he gets frustrated easily. I've taken that into consideration. He messaged me the other day just to tell me that he's not as busy anymore, so he'll have more time on his hands

    • alright. sounds like he's telling you he's ready to see you now/again.

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