Why does my guy friend want to hang out but never comes through?

Hes always saying he wants to hang out so I invite him over to hang out with friends and he doesn't even respond. He keeps doing this and wondering why when he's the one who wants to hang out?


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  • Because you invite him over to hang out with friends.

    If they're not mutual friends, he won't be there. Especially if he's got feelings for you, because that just compounds the tension/anxiety for him. Even if they're mutual friends, he may have feelings for you and would rather hang out with you alone. It all depends on how you see him, and how he sees you.

    • Pretty much this. Guy friend liked you I think.. And like senseless said, it would just be awkward hanging out with you and your friends that he doesn't know.

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  • My guess wold be he wants to hang out with YOU and isn't interested in hanging out with the whole gang.

  • Senseless hit it dead on. With friends? Not going to happen. He wants to hang out with YOU.


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