After a break-up; does a guy truly want to remain friends?

My ex-boyfriend and I have been very good friends for 10 years. We run in the same circle of very close friends. When he broke up with me I broke his heart by telling him I never wanted to see him again and telling him that being friends was out of the question. He never ever cries and he broke down crying. After the break-up we talked and when I asked why he wanted to be friends and how exactly he expected it to work. I told him I would be civil to him and nice when the group all hung out but that (especially since I now know part of the reason he broke up with me is the girl he met working out of town where he lives now) us being friends just wouldn't work. He said he didn't know but he wanted us to be friends and not just acquaintances who cross paths in the same group. He wanted us to be friends like we used to be.

So my question is, when the part of our friendship in which we became the closest was based on our hidden feelings for each other for years, does he truly just want to be friends? Can he really have no ulterior motive for the day he is single or lonely?

He still reaches out to me. I don't initiate contact with him. At first I ignored him hoping it would stop. Then it didn't so I responded to him so he'd see I was fine and available to him hoping it would make him lose interest and it still hasn't stopped. Whether it's a text, phone call, email, or something on Facebook (and even the times we've seen each other) he's reaching out to me. The contact from him is about once a week. I am trying the not responding thing again.

I am just very confused if he broke up with me because he "didn't want a relationship and felt trapped" (code for I don't want a relationship with YOU) and had that girl he met working out of town over at our old apartment the next week, then why does he worry about contacting me? Also, guys (no offense), are you really silly enough to think that being friends with your ex even though you were friends before would work and that be something your new girl would be OK with?

It's hard to believe that he literally just wants a friendship but I'm curious if you think he may.
After a break-up; does a guy truly want to remain friends?
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