GUYS would you date a more reserved girl?

I will admit I am introverted. I like to spend time most of my time by myself rather than around people, although I definitely enjoy social interactions. It takes me a while to be more open around people as I get to know them better. I don't really talk in group settings, unless it is people I am very comfortable with. I definitely prefer to interact one-on-one. Would this be a problem with you?


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  • I always thought I was attracted to outgoing women, that changed a couple months ago when I met a reserved woman at work. We went on a date and she was nervous and shy and we had a good time talking. Afterwards I liked her much more as she was so mysterious and interesting. It made me wanting to know more about her. Outgoing girls are overrated, shy women are underrated. It's the real men worth being with that will stick around with a shy woman.


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  • most of the guys who think they wanna date a party girl , get bored on the first date. You however are GOLD , waiting to be found :))

    • well thank you! unfortunately, every single guy I have dated has not found this quality very attractive.

    • that's how life is, there are thousands of nice guys and girls living on this planet but they never meet each other

  • I actually like girls who are more like you. I have a friend who is very exrtoverted and she annoys the sh*t out of me. I mean don't get me wrong she is my friend but she can get very annoying some times. I am actually rather introverted as well so when I look for a girl I actually prefer girls that are more inclined to one-on-one conversation instead of having to be in a social setting to interact.


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