Guys over 30, why are you so averse to dating women your age?

I’ve always been attracted to men my own age as I always felt that I had more in common with them however, ever since I’ve been old enough to date I’ve had my mom, grandmother, aunts and all my friends telling me that I should date older. I’m 34 years old, Christian and a veteran and still single at this age. With that being said, I’m taking everyone’s advice and also dating older men as well as any thirty somethings who may be interested. I’m not bashing the guys my age or the younger women, but I’m genuinely curious about the rationale. I’ve asked my guy friends and the men over 45 who hit on me, all of whom gave me honest answers (some a little too honest lol). Here are a few:

1.) You have an insatiable thirst for life that only a 20 year old could could compare, look better now than you did then and you’ve accomplished a lot. but I want someone who’s just starting her life. I want to be the one to show her what the world has to offer.
2.) you’ve always been mature for your age, and an older gentleman would be more likely to match your level of life experience.
3.) we like younger women because we like to feel more protective of them. Marry an older guy who can protect you.
4.) I want lots of babies and a younger woman can give me that (understandable 🙂)
5.) As pretty as you are, you don’t make the guys your age feel like they still have “it” like the younger ladies do.
6.) you pretend to be chaste but you were also in the navy, which means you’ve been with lots of guys and you’re not who you say you are (not true).
7.) well, you’re single at 34 which means there’s something seriously wrong with you.
8.) Women my age are ugly wrinkled old wenches who let themselves go and have horrible attitudes. You’re still a 10 as far as looks are concerned (from the guys in their late 40’s and 50’s. This is a turn off to me btw).

Okay guys, can you relate to any of these? Again, I’m not judging. Just curious 😊. Ladies, feel free to post your thoughts too.
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One more I forgot about:
I relate better to younger girls and find them more attractive (nothing wrong with that at all, I just forgot to include it)
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These are some really good answers guys. I like these! Thanks for posting 😊
Guys over 30, why are you so averse to dating women your age?
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