I keep texting and calling him, I asked him to block me from his phone, but he hasn't. Why?

I fell for him. He says he cares about me, that I am important to him, that he wants to be friends, and that he still finds me attractive; however, he does not feel the IT or the bond that should exist between couples. My pain hurts him. I am not strong enough...and I keep texting and calling. I asked him to block me, but he hasn't and I am not sure why.

The question was "why" hasn't he blocked me yet. He calls and texts me equally. It's initiated from both of us--him moreso than I. I asked him to block me and let me go.


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  • He is probably getting his ego boosted because you keep going after him *even* after he told you he didn't feel IT for you.

    He could feel sorry for you and doesn't want to be an a**hole about things.

    If he told you he didn't feel IT for you, what more do you need to hear?

    When a guy tells you that, there's no hidden message behind that...and if there is, he's just playing games with you.

    Try doing something else when you get the urge to call/text him...it's like you're addicted to him and you just need to divert your attention to something/someone who will appreciate it!

    • I totally agree with ^ this^ ! Absolutely true, I wouldve said the same thing.

      But its true "easier said than done"

      May be cliche, but when your feelings are involved you are the only one thta can change things!

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    • A total addiction. Agreed. The butt blocked me and keeps texting. The funny thing is...he asks me questions, and I can't respond. LMAO!

    • Hahaha, what a dweeb! Well, I'm glad you can laugh a/b it.

      You want more, you deserve more! Good Luck!

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  • Response to UPDATE:

    I think *he* can only answer that.

    Do you want us to say, it's because he didn't mean what he said and he does feel IT for you?

    Feelings are on a spectrum...from a scale of 1-10, he told you 5. So, yeah, he'll still text/call and care a/b you but he basically told you you're not the one.

    He may even be confused but what is it that *you* want? Someone who isn't sure and will string you along or someone who *is* sure and will do everything in his *power* to be with you all the way and not just half-ass it?

    Try not being so available so that he *misses* you, if you can do that.

    And, trust me, I get it. On one hand, you want to be like, "Hey, it's no big deal what you said, I'm over it." but you're sending the message that , "Hey, I'll settle for whatever you're willing to give me." if in the end, you sincerely want more.

    Your choice.

    • does it always have to be a chasing game with guys? lmao...

    • Not always but I can't give you a definitive answer because chasing guys is okay with some guys but I think *most* guys like to be the chaser, just how most dating advice advises. Some guys are stuck in the gender stereotype and can't appreciate a woman for her assertiveness and knowing what she wants. I've been chased, I've chased. I know if a guy gets "freaked out" by me knowing that I like him or am willing to give him a chance, I made a mistake. Haha :)

    • I will add that I think "too much" is too much, regardless of sex. When a guy is really aggressive and persistent with me in the beginning, I get turned off because I'm still in the "deciding"/getting to know him stage so I've been scared off, too. So, lesson learned that we don't have to reveal/show the person HOW MUCH we're into them in the beginning.

  • Give your phone to someone for a while. Disconnect your internet.

    Stop, chances are he's seeing you as desperate...

    A thousand calls won't make him love you, I'm sorry.

    Get rid of your phone and watch a chick flick. Cry your heart out, be angry. Shout, cry, punch a wall, but stop calling.

    :( Let me know if you need more help or want to talk.

  • STOP contacting him! Have some self respect. Don't give him the satisfaction.. he doesn't deserve it :\ Ignore him and delete his number from your phone NOW. DELETE HIS NUMBER NOW. Once you seem to stop caring for him it will make you totally more appealing to him and you MIGHT have a chance of him coming back but only if you LEAVE HIM ALONE for now.

    • The sad thing is, @ this point, if he takes her back, it will be out of pity and that is not where you want to be, girl-friend!