He never respond my text. Why would he do this?

I started talking to a guy that was going to the same school as I am about two months ago. He never actually came out and said it but I definitely got the feeling that he liked me because of the things that he would say to me. Well things were going really good until about a couple of weeks ago. He wouldn't text me during the day anymore but he would text me every night at least midnight and sometimes even later. I never really thought anything of it until exactly two weeks ago when he changed his relationship status on Facebook to in a relationship. I texted him and we talked about it and he said that he just wanted to be friends and that he still wanted to hangout with me once we got to school and everything was fine. Well, he texted me at one in the morning for two nights after that conversation and then I didn't talk to him until that Friday right before we moved into school on Saturday and I told him that maybe I would see him around.

So last Saturday was move in day and I saw him around but I didn't go up and say anything to him but I texted him later that day and told him that I had saw him and he texted me back and said that he really wanted to see me but I told him I wasn't in my dorm so we would have to meet up some other day and he was like just come and see me real fast please. We eventually met up and we walked around for not even ten minutes and things were fine and when we got back to my building he told me that he would see me later. But then everything completely changed and I don't know what to think...

Sunday morning he texted me and said hey and I texted him right back but he never responded back the whole entire day but later that day I saw him and his girlfriend at two separate times without each other and then I saw them both with his roommate but they weren't walking next to each other which I thought was weird but I waved at him and he just gave me one of those over the head waves which honestly kind of pissed me off. So Monday morning I texted him this long message about we need to be friends like normal people and he can talk to me when he knows what he wants and again never responded but I saw him later that night and he was yelling my name and waving at me. Tuesday night he texted me twice within the same hour but never responded back to when I would text him back or ask him something. On Wednesday I texted him one last time and told him that we should walk around or something one night when he wasn't busy but of course I never heard back from him...

I don't understand so many things in this situation:

1. why would he say that we are going to hang out but not make any effort other than on Saturday and

2. Why in the world would he text me but never respond back to anything I ever say to him?

I really want to talk to him face to face but it is kind of hard to when he won't text me back and I don't see him around. Anybody have any idea on why he would do this and what I should do?

He never respond my text. Why would he do this?
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