Girl who said she likes me sometimes takes a couple hours to respond to texts?

This is a girl who I went on a date with last week and was keen to do another one. We text every day. However sometimes she takes a couple hours to respond to messages I send while I only take 30 to an hour at most. She has said she’s into me, so I’m confused with the mixed signals here.

If she likes me, why would she take so long to respond to my messages sometimes?

Seems like she’s losing interest, but she’s always done it even before we confessed to each other. It almost makes me worried that she said she liked me and agreed to a first and second date just to be nice. We also never send each other good morning texts, and I’m always the first to say good night if she even says it back.

I left her on delivered for a day yesterday to see if anything would happen, and she did the exact same thing to me today. That’s a bad sign isn’t it? She said she had a really crazy day, so I asked her what happened and 2 hours later she responds with “Ok so tbh I can’t even be bothered talking about it rn I hope that doesn’t sound rude. Can I tell you when I see you?” Like what? It’s like 11pm at this point by the way so not even that late.

I’m just really worried I’m being led on, but the vibes in real life are definitely there.

What do you people think? Should I ask her why it takes so long for her to respond to my messages sometimes or is that too needy for someone I’ve been on one date with?

3 mo
yeah thanks guys i think the consensus is clear that im stressing about nothing. thanks.
Girl who said she likes me sometimes takes a couple hours to respond to texts?
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