Need your opinion. Should I take an action in this situation to see if my boyfriend cheats on me?


So, I have been dating my boyfriend for almost a year now. It’s been great. He’s very sincere and we have never had any single argument. But there’s one thing that annoys me: He likes other girls sexy photos on social media. Sometimes it’s his friend’s bikini photo that you could see through her nipples and sometimes it’s a random girl. I know I cannot control what he does on social media and thought it would be okay as long as he doesn’t actually cheat on me. Just liking other girl’s photo doesn’t usually lead to actual cheating. And he does it really randomly, not liking lots of photos of a specific girl.

But I recently found this girl living in the same area as me and him. He liked a few of her photos back to before I met him and after. He liked one of her slutty photo after we got into a relationship. Also that girl liked his picture he posted a few months after we started dating. I asked him who she was and he said he doesn’t remember but maybe one he met on a dating app before we met each other. I told him he liked her photo after we started dating and he said then it must be some that popped up on suggested photos list. He even showed me that they didn’t exchange any single message and they don’t follow each other either. They don’t like each other’s photos ever since then.

I hope he really doesn’t have any connection with her anymore, but the fact he liked the photo of her after we made it official and the girl liking his photo a few months ago makes me worried if that means he had some connection with her before and possibly I was cheated on. Should I message her to see what they were? Or should I trust what my boyfriend says and let this go?

Also, why do guys like that kind of pictures of other women when having a girlfriend? I do understand you can still find someone attractive and that’s completely okay as I said if it doesn’t mean you cheat. Girls do that too. But why do you actually “like” the photos to let the girl know you liked it?

Need your opinion. Should I take an action in this situation to see if my boyfriend cheats on me?
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